Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sleep progress!

The night before last... so Tuesday I decided enough was enough.  I was changing everything up so try and get you to sleep through the night.  I rebuilt your cot, put the oilheater in your room, the vapouriser with lavender oil, the radio was on too.  I decided a little earlier bedtime couldn't hurt either.

7pm and after shower, it was into bed.  I read you a story ( one of Aesops Fables) and then said good night and turned out the light.  You did protest for a while but a backrub soothed you.  Everytime I did go to leave the room, you'd call out "Maaamaaa" so I sat there in the dark with you for a while.  You nodded off easily and then, miracle of miracles, slept through until 4:50am!  That is 9.5 hours - the longest sleep you've ever had!

Last night you'd had an early nap so bed was slightly earlier and you again slept through to 5am - 10 hours solid.  You grumbled a bit aroudn midnight ( I know because I'm sleeping on a mattress in your room with you) but soon settled again without my assistance.

To top it off on tuesday you chose a new cup at the shops to replace your bottles.  You still ask for a bot bot but when I tell you that this is your special new cup, you have your milk and settle off to sleep.

My little bubba, you are growing up.
I love you
Our Lolly Cat had run out of bickies today so I asked you to help me.  You often get the bag of bickies out the the cupboard and 'fill' up her bowl.  I'm glad I always reseal the bag! Anyway today there was only a handlful of bickies left in the bag so I unsealed it and got you to pour it out.  You did get a few in the bowl but most on the floor.  Next you started looking around for Lolly.  Then yo spied her in the backyard.  You promptly ran out and tried to pick her up to bring her in to her food.  She wasn't too impressed.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Favourite words

uppa (up)
uppa uppa down ( upside down)
ni ni ( I want to lay down to sleep)
Oh No!
No No No!!!!!
pwarm (pram)
Wolk (walk)
Og (dog)
uk ( Truck) - and by theway you will argue with me whether something is a bus or a truck. I say bus, yo say truck, I say bus, you say truck until I say truck then you will stop)
Mumma - I love beign called mumma
Taaaa ( when you are giving someone something)
Geddit ( this means you want to get something)

Ah and by the way you've jsut marinated your sultanas in lemon juice.
You have the cutest little saying right now.  "Oh No!"Quite often you do things on purpose, like closing the passage door then raising your hands to your mouth with a cheeky " Oh No!"

Your sleep is still rubbish though but, although I'll probably jinx it now, it has been getting slightly better.  You are sleeping until about 6:30 now which is a big difference to the 5/5:30 am that it has been.  I still sleep with you most nights and you wake around midnight where you resettle with a dummy ( if I go to you) or a bottle ( if your dad goes to you).  it is then that I usually hop in the queen sized bed with you.  About 3am you will wake and sit up, shuffle over to me and say down in my arms.  I really do cherish that, it is beautiful - but you do wriggle around a lot and your fuzzy hair tickles my face.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

You really are a funny little man but also sstill my baby. " I get it!"  is a favourite phrase.  You want to be so independent but then again have to have someone with you for you to sleep.  Infuriating but lovable all at the same time. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

You have to help me cook each night.  You always want to stir whatever is on the stove and will try and jump (even though you can't actually get both feet off the ground yet) up to the stove.  Even though you have been burnt while helping stir before, it doesn't put you off.  If I don't pick you up onto my hip to help, you slap at the cupboards.  You actually are a great help around thehouse as you are always putting things away and shutting doors

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


You got 2 feet of the ground today - and then promptly fell on your bum.

I think its time to move out of the cot when we move in 4 weeks.  You slept so much better just on a mattress on the floor at Nanna's.

You are a determined child.  Don't like to be told 'No' or made to wait.  You dissolve into tears