Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sleep progress!

The night before last... so Tuesday I decided enough was enough.  I was changing everything up so try and get you to sleep through the night.  I rebuilt your cot, put the oilheater in your room, the vapouriser with lavender oil, the radio was on too.  I decided a little earlier bedtime couldn't hurt either.

7pm and after shower, it was into bed.  I read you a story ( one of Aesops Fables) and then said good night and turned out the light.  You did protest for a while but a backrub soothed you.  Everytime I did go to leave the room, you'd call out "Maaamaaa" so I sat there in the dark with you for a while.  You nodded off easily and then, miracle of miracles, slept through until 4:50am!  That is 9.5 hours - the longest sleep you've ever had!

Last night you'd had an early nap so bed was slightly earlier and you again slept through to 5am - 10 hours solid.  You grumbled a bit aroudn midnight ( I know because I'm sleeping on a mattress in your room with you) but soon settled again without my assistance.

To top it off on tuesday you chose a new cup at the shops to replace your bottles.  You still ask for a bot bot but when I tell you that this is your special new cup, you have your milk and settle off to sleep.

My little bubba, you are growing up.
I love you

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