Friday, May 8, 2009

You have the cutest little saying right now.  "Oh No!"Quite often you do things on purpose, like closing the passage door then raising your hands to your mouth with a cheeky " Oh No!"

Your sleep is still rubbish though but, although I'll probably jinx it now, it has been getting slightly better.  You are sleeping until about 6:30 now which is a big difference to the 5/5:30 am that it has been.  I still sleep with you most nights and you wake around midnight where you resettle with a dummy ( if I go to you) or a bottle ( if your dad goes to you).  it is then that I usually hop in the queen sized bed with you.  About 3am you will wake and sit up, shuffle over to me and say down in my arms.  I really do cherish that, it is beautiful - but you do wriggle around a lot and your fuzzy hair tickles my face.

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